Utah's Perfect Pointers

Rescuing homeless pointing breeds.


A complete list with descriptions can be found at http://www.petfinder.com/pet-search?shelterid=UT156 If you'd like to apply for any of our boys please contact [email protected]

Our adoption process is pretty typical for breed rescues (as opposed to all-breed rescue groups or shelters).

1. there's an application questionnaire that we ask you to fill out and return to us. That helps us to match the personality of the dog(s) with that of the home. We usually have 25-30 dogs scattered around the area in various foster homes and daycare/boarding facilities so we like to make good use of our time and yours by only steering you to dogs that are appropriate for your family.

2. Once we help you select viable candidates we'll arrange for you to meet them and see how you interact together.

3. For local applicants (Salt Lake area) we arrange for a home visit. Usually we bring the dog with us and if it looks like a good match we'll leave the dog with you for a trial adoption period. We like this to last at least a full work week and weekend so you can see how the dog fits into your lifestyle. During the trial period we provide a crate, dog food and a training slip leash. You also get a special ringtone on my 'phone so I know to answer it immediately or at least get back to you within a few minutes. For out-of-state applicants there is a home visit by a representative in your area but the trial adoption period does not apply. However, our adoption contract states that "if for any reason at any time the adopter is unable to keep the dog it must be returned to Utah's Perfect Pointers".

Our process takes a little longer and is much more work for us than just having you go to PetSmart and walk out with a dog, but it works well and we have very few returns because of the care we take with both our dogs and the applicants.

All adoptions are at our sole discretion.


I'm a beautiful GSP boy who was taken in as a stray by animal control. My rescue lady thinks I was released because I have a "pimple" on my right eye lens that needs to be removed. These are tricky and expensive surgeries - especially for a 14-year old boy. I'm in a wonderful foster home with Lynne and her guys and she takes such good care of me. She puts drops in my eyes. She gives me Novox for my old joints. I just love her. I love everyone. I really love going for leisurely walks ever day! I'm great with everyone (except cats)!


I'm EDDIE - That's "Eddie Van Poodle"! And yes, my rescue lady knows I'm not a pointer, no matter what the shelter said! I'm probably a Poodle-Doodle Thing or a medium-size poodle.

I'm a timid little guy and need some serious socializing with people. I've met a lot of them since I've been here and if they take their time getting to know me I'm very grateful. I didn't have much socializing experience in my past life. I really like other respectful dogs. They make me feel more secure. The more the better! I absolutely must go to a home with at least one other well-socialized dog.

So no children in my new home, please. They're too active for me at this stage of my career. My approx DOB is 7/13/2010. I'm only 18.5" at my withers and 36 lbs so I'm the perfect size for an adult couple who can spend some time with me, keep my soft curly hair groomed, and make me feel at home.


Seven month-old Mayhem became a perfect pointer on Dec. 12, 2017. He was in the South Salt Lake shelter and of course they called me as soon as his stray hold was over and were delighted to turn this charmingly energetic young man over to us. <3 He was a squirming, bounding bundle of enthusiasm and I held him in quarantine for 10 days while he was dewormed and had all his shots.

About Day 10 it seemed that he was developing kennel cough. That's pretty typical for a lot of our dogs when they arrive and other than the attractive snot-blowing phase it's not a particularly difficult illness to overcome. It's like a kid going to kindergarten for the first time. They catch something disgusting, bring it home to the rest of the family, everyone recovers and the kid's immune system is much stronger for the short inconvenience. We put him on doxycycline for 10 days and he improved markedly.

On January 2, I ran him over to the Humane Society to see if they could neuter him for me - sort of my idea of "starting the new year out right"! He seemed fine to me but they were sure he still had kennel cough so back he went into isolation boarding and another 10 days of doxycycline. Sigh.

He seemed perfectly fine within 10 days - no more sneezing, no more harumphing, no more snot draining unattractively from his nostrils. Life was good. I took him back to Humane on January 23, feeling sure he'd be neutered and I wasn't going to get yelled at. He passed the pre-surgery exam. And..... sigh...... when I went to pick him up that afternoon they said he started draining phlegm as soon as they anesthetized him (but since he was under they neutered him anyway).

So I put him on clavamox for 10 days. Obviously the doxycycline wasn't helping! Of course none of this slowed him down at all or dampened his enthusiasm for everything. Within 5 days he seemed fine but we continued the clavamox for the entire 10 days and he went into daycare.

He was having a blast....... but within 10 more days he started snuffling again. ENOUGH! We called in the Big Guns and put him on Baytril. This is one of the strongest antibiotics we have. Surely this was going to take care of everything.

I brought him home and tried to make myself think that he wouldn't pass anything along to the other 7 dogs if I covered his kennel with a sheet. hahaha! I really knew that wouldn't do any good but all the other dogs have great immune systems so I wasn't terribly concerned. He was less than thrilled with the new diggs. He was very interested in interacting with English Pointer, Tama, who he thought was pretty hot. After all, she was an older woman at 9 years!

Mayhem recovered nicely and enjoyed finally getting to play with Tama and the other Casa UPP members. For 3 weeks he bounced between Casa UPP and daycare without any problems.

On April 12 he started leaking more disgusting yellow "stuff". This time I noticed it was primarily from his left nostril and I thought back to the other times when his discharge was predominantly "one sided". This was definitely suspicios and Dr. Kay wondered if he got "something" stuck up his great long nose like a piece of grass that kept becoming infected. So we went to see Dr. Tarassov at Olympus Cove and Mayhem has a dental (no infection there) and a nasal flush that didn't produce and extraneous matter. But he certainly did feel better and we hoped that watever was in there was gone and he was going to be fine. We put him on clindamycin for 3 weeks. And of course he stayed at Casa UPP.

Mayhem welcomed in fat little Ora and they had a wonderful time wrestling and playing.

When pretty little Aasha (now Cranberry) arrived at the beginning of April he was very accommodating to her play needs.

12-year old English Pointer, Stott, was Mayhem's absolute favorite and they played all day (or at least until Stott got tired of him). This picture was taken on May 7th.

On May 8, I noticed his breathing was very rapid and shallow so I took him back to Olympus Cove. Dr. Love noted his temperature was 106.7 and his pulse was very high. They put him on IV fluids with antibiotics until I picked him up that night. When I took him back on the 9th his oxygen levels were so low and x-rays showed he'd aspirated fluid into his lungs that was sitting at the bottom third of his lungs. They suggested he go into oxygen therapy immediately. I moved him to Cottonwood Animal hospital and he was there for 5 days in their oxygen chamber on IV fluids/antibiotics. No one was sure what the problem was. He wasn't responding to treatment well and his oxygen levels weren't recovering enough for me to bring him home. They did x-rays, bloodwork daily, a needle aspirate of his lungs. Except for his need for oxygen and aspriated pneumonia he seemed to be pretty active. Total bill so far....... $4385.


I'm STOTT, a senior English Pointer dude and I'm great with cats! I'm about 10-12 years old and lookin' for love.

My approximate DOB is 3/7/2006. I'm 50 lbs and 24" at my withers. And I'm very, very handsome! When I got to my rescue lady's I had to have 9 teeth removed. Now there's nothing I can't eat. :)

I'm wonderful with all other dogs, cats and people. I'm just everybody's friend. Here I am playing with my yearling foster brother, Mayhem. You'd never know I was an old dude to watch me move!

I totally love going on mountain hikes in my new foster home. It doesn't get any better than this!


I'm DAVIS! I'm a gorgeous GSP boy with the most interesting coloring my rescue lady's ever seen. I'm tall (~ 25.5") and handsome and very nicely behaved - except for going over fences. But I'm a GSP! I have things to do, places to see, and I'm very interested in everything.

My approximate DOB is 3/6/2013. I'm doing well with all my dog buddies in daycare. Now I'm looking for my perfect home.


I'm KIRK! As in Captain Kirk! I have the best underbite for a little English Pointer dude. I'm good with other dogs and I love my people. I was a stray in rural Utah so there's no information about my background - other than that I'm totally adorable. My approximate DOB is 10/9/2016. I'm only 21" high and I'm all finished growing at 44 lbs. So I'm the perfect size!!!

I'm wonderful with all dogs and cats. What I really want is a person! I love, love, love being in a home. I'll snuggle with you on the bed, on the couch, on the floor - anywhere you want! I love to play outside and I'm very good with helping puppies become well-socialized, responsible dogs.


I'm Cool Hand Luke! I became a "perfect pointer" in 2010 when my rescue lady helped a co-worker get my sister and me away from my owner who was mistreating us. I'm really a Brussels Griffon mix. We were 3 years old at the time and we weren't easy dogs. We got along with each other but not with other dogs. We'd been kicked so whenever someone would approach us we'd attack their feet. We'd bite if someone tried to pick us up.

My sister bit our rescue lady - only time she's ever been bitten by one of our species! Jessica at HSU took my sister for one of her foster moms who adopted her and I stayed with UPP. I was adopted by a lovely young couple. My dad could do anything with me - roll me over on my back and pet my tummy, take me for walks, pick me up. I loved him! I loved my mom, too, but my dad was special.

It turns out I'm not a good match for babies and my parents had one 8 months ago. They're too noisy and busy for me to cope with. So I came back to UPP to look for my new home. In the meantime I'm having a blast at Old Farm Pet Resort with the other little dogs and my best buddy, Reese.


I'm AVI and I'm gorgeous! My name means "spring like" and I'm very young for a respectable middle-aged guy. My approximate DOB is 6/13/2009. I weigh 60 lbs and I'm 26.5" at my withers - a nice, tall dude.

I've had a somewhat checkered past with the shelter. I was turned into them not once, but three times! The last time they gave up and just called my rescue lady. We figure it's because I'm

so gorgeous and a little older so my previous adopters thought, "How much trouble can he be?!" Hahahaha! I'm a GSP! Unless you know what you're doing and give me lots of mental and physical recreating time I can be a Whole Lot Of Trouble!

I've been a model gentleman since I got to Utah's Perfect Pointers. I can't wait to get into daycare/boarding when the facilities have room for me.

My approximate DOB is 11/26/2010 and I'm 57 lbs and 23.5" at my withers. I'm a thoughtful, energetic guy and I love my people and other dogs.