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Utah's Perfect Pointers

Rescuing homeless pointing breeds.


A complete list with descriptions can be found at If you'd like to apply for any of our boys please contact [email protected]

Our adoption process is pretty typical for breed rescues (as opposed to all-breed rescue groups or shelters).

1. there's an application questionnaire that we ask you to fill out and return to us. That helps us to match the personality of the dog(s) with that of the home. We usually have 25-30 dogs scattered around the area in various foster homes and daycare/boarding facilities so we like to make good use of our time and yours by only steering you to dogs that are appropriate for your family.

2. Once we help you select viable candidates we'll arrange for you to meet them and see how you interact together.

3. For local applicants (Salt Lake area) we arrange for a home visit. Usually we bring the dog with us and if it looks like a good match we'll leave the dog with you for a trial adoption period. We like this to last at least a full work week and weekend so you can see how the dog fits into your lifestyle. During the trial period we provide a crate, dog food and a training slip leash. You also get a special ringtone on my 'phone so I know to answer it immediately or at least get back to you within a few minutes. For out-of-state applicants there is a home visit by a representative in your area but the trial adoption period does not apply. However, our adoption contract states that "if for any reason at any time the adopter is unable to keep the dog it must be returned to Utah's Perfect Pointers".

Our process takes a little longer and is much more work for us than just having you go to PetSmart and walk out with a dog, but it works well and we have very few returns because of the care we take with both our dogs and the applicants.

All adoptions are at our sole discretion.


I'm EDDIE - That's "Eddie Van Poodle"! And yes, my rescue lady knows I'm not a pointer, no matter what the shelter said! I'm probably a Poodle-Doodle Thing or a medium-size poodle.

I'm a timid little guy and need some serious socializing with people. I've met a lot of them since I've been here and if they take their time getting to know me I'm very grateful. I didn't have much socializing experience in my past life. I really like other respectful dogs. They make me feel more secure. The more the better! I absolutely must go to a home with at least one other well-socialized dog.

So no children in my new home, please. They're too active for me at this stage of my career. My approx DOB is 7/13/2010. I'm only 18.5" at my withers and 36 lbs so I'm the perfect size for an adult couple who can spend some time with me, keep my soft curly hair groomed, and make me feel at home.


I'm MAYHEM! My rescue lady just loves me and loves having me at home with her when she doesn't have a bunch of newbie young 'uns that take up all her time. I love being with her, the other dogs and even the cats. I'm a little suspicious of people I don't know so I need to get out more for socializing. I'm very playful with my pack and will tone down my enthusiasm so I don't hurt the little ones. After all, I'm a Great Big Boy!.

My approx. DOB is 02/12/2017 so I'm finished growing and I'm the perfect weight for my size. I need an active home to keep me trim and healthy. I'll be the best hiking/camping buddy. No one's going to break into your home while I'm there!

I'm not a first-time-owner kind of guy. My new home needs to know my breed, give me a job and help me become all I can be.

I don't do well in areas where there's lots of pollution or long-lived pollen. It bothers my sinuses. Benadryl helps, but a less-polluted environment is better for me.

Oh, and as you can tell from the pictures, I like sleeping under the covers.


I'm TUCKER! I'm brand new to the rescue and I'm only about 2 years old and 24" at my withers. I'm a little bit of a punk - of course I am! I'm a 2-year old GSP. I'm very handsome so I've been adopted a couple of times and returned before I became a Perfect Pointer. I just didn't have knowledgeable homes with people familiar with my breed and activity level. I'm going to be a spectacular adult some day!

I lived with a large weim previously and did well, but it takes me a little time to warm up to new dog friends. I'm not fond of sharing my food, so I need my own space to eat - just like people do. No person likes someone sticking their hand into a food plate that they're trying to eat from and neither do dogs!

I have some separation anxiety and I'm terrified of children. I love my adult human companions and can be very snuggly and cuddly with them!