Utah's Perfect Pointers

Rescuing homeless pointing breeds.

About Us

We believe adopting a friend is a lifelong commitment and every adoption should be entered into thoughtfully and carefully. Although these are hunting breeds we usually don't know whether or how well our rescue dogs hunt. They are adopted as pets and if they hunt it is just a bonus. Some are great companion hunters and others are just as happy hanging out at home and going for a long jog. Look at the personality first and the hunting instinct second.

This is a very energetic, loving and loyal group of breeds. They need active homes with securely-fenced yards and humans committed to training and spending time with them.

Some of the dogs are cat-tolerant and actually like cats; however, many have very strong prey drives and can't be trusted to live companionably with cats without wanting to harm them (or at least hunt them). All dogs can be "cat tested" upon request. Dogs listed as "yepcats!" are good with cats. Dogs listed as "catsOK" are not aggressive toward cats and can be trained to get along in a home with cats - with lots of supervision at the beginning!

Adoption policies

When you email a request for more information about a dog or to meet it, you will be asked to return a questionnaire that allows us to determine the best fit for the dog, you, and your family. This information is kept completely confidential.

Many of Utah's Perfect Pointers have found homes out of state - Arizona, New Mexico, California, Nevada, Washington, and Canada. Home visits are required prior to adoption of each dog and follow-up visits generally are conducted a couple of weeks later. We have a "forever return" policy. If, at any time, for any reason, you are unable to keep your adopted dog, it must be returned to us.

All adoptions are at our sole discretion.

We rarely adopt dogs to people in states that have GSP/Pointer rescue groups. You must go through your local representatives first. Please check the following pages for information about your local breed rescue groups:

National GSP Rescue Organization - http://gspca.org/Rescue/index.html

Pointer Rescue Organization (PRO) - http://www.pointerrescue.org/

American Pointer Rescue - http://www.americanpointer.org/

You also can google your breed rescue that may take you directly to your local representatives.

Utah's Perfect Pointers Supporters 

The community support for Utah's Perfect Pointers is phenomenal and allows us to continue our rescue efforts. We have several dedicated foster parents. We also have the support of local businesses. Please support these generous companies who support our dogs.

The daycare/boarding facilities who make our rescue possible are listed in the order they started working with us, from "oldest" to "newest":

Old Farm Pet Resort (Salt Lake) http://www.oldfarmpetresort.com/

Old Farm Pet Resort has been helping us since 2009. You'll always find two, and sometimes 8 imperfect pointing types cared for there. The owner, Leslie Papas, and her staff have a commitment to helping rescue groups and their dogs. They have two huge outdoor areas with shelter for the big dogs and a separate area for little ones to play. There's even a cat room. :) One of the handlers, Steve, is particularly savvy about the hunting breeds and knows just what to do with our overactive dogs. Julie and Syd monitor behavior and any other needs that may come up. The entire staff is wonderful. We couldn't survive without them! To check them out and make an appointment for your favorite four-legged friend(s) you can find them at 3968 South 200 East, SLC. 801-266-9016

Diggity Dog Pet Resort (Salt Lake) http://www.diggitydogresort.com/

Diggity Dog Pet Resort has been with us since April 2010. We love going to visit our dogs that are staying with them. It's such a great environment with friendly, caring staff who cater to their dogs in the big dog and little dog areas. There are always two and sometimes four of our dogs frolicking in the indoor/outdoor areas. Sometimes we even run into our adopted dogs coming for daycare with their new parents.

Sharon Opfermann runs a wonderful facility at Camp Bow Wow. She keeps a kennel for a lucky pointer 24/7/365, which is amazing since they are always in demand. The staff is well versed in managing behaviors of all types in all sizes of dogs, who of course are segregated by size in the play areas. Three of our dogs are adopted by people at Bow Wow so we get to see them regularly. This community-minded company has frequent open houses and events for guests to attend with raffle proceeds going to local rescue organizations and shelters. They also participate in non-dog-related charitable events raising awareness for cancer and homelessness.

Dog Lodge (Midvale) http://www.thedoglodge.com/

The Dog Lodge, located at 7101 South 400 West, Ste. 3, is a wonderful, homey facility owned by Christine Pederson that has been in operation since 2000. This is where our well-behaved dogs go to relax on the sofas and play with their new best friends. The Dog Lodge has been working with us since April, 2011 and seen many of our dogs come and go. There's always rejoicing when we tell them one has been adopted, especially when it becomes a new client.

Dog Town Utah (Sandy) http://www.dogtownutah.com/

Dog Town has been with us since 2012 and so far the staff has adopted 3 of our dogs! The owners, Jon and Theresa, are well versed in search and rescue, drug and bomb sniffing training. Our little Rocky is theirs and an award-winning drug puppy. They've also provided training for some of our adopted dogs. They have a great training room in the facility that doubles as a meet-and-greet area for our adoptable dogs.

Laundermutts (Sandy/West Jordan) http://www.laundermutts.com/

Laundermutts joined the Perfect Pointers team in 2012 and are invaluable to Lynne who drops her fosters off for a day of fun and exercise while she goes to work. They'll even board a foster for us when we're desperate - often at the last minute. They're known for their grooming but we love them for their daycare.

Utah Dog Park (Woods Cross and Salt Lake) http://utahdogpark.com/

Utah Dog Park has two locations in the Valley. If you stop by the brand new Salt Lake facility you'll see anywhere from 2-7 pointer types socializing in the indoor/outdoor areas. It's a great place for our little Tate, whose feet knuckle under without supportive wraps or booties. The floor is perfect for him to race around on. Owner Dr. Pam Nichols, DVM, is on-site at the SL location. Managers are Gina Fox (Woods Cross) and Julie Yunk (SLC & Woods Cross). You’ll recognize many of the staff from their former days at Dogmode. They have a “Senior Lounge” for respectable dogs that don’t want to rough house and a separate area for little ones. Their bathing area is amazing with grooming and “U Wash”. Woods Cross even has a “cat room”.

Veterinary Clinics

We're also very fortunate to have the support from a number of veterinary clinics in the area, many who see us with a moment's notice (listed from north to south):

Humane Society of Utah Clinic (Murray) - vaccinations/spay & neuter -


Spay and Neuter Clinic (Murray) - vaccinations/spay & neuter, some surgeries - http://spayneuterofsaltlakecity.com/

Healing Hearts Animal Hospital (Murray) - full service veterinarians - http://www.afforadableveterinarycare.com/home.html

Cottonwood Animal Hospital - full service veterinarians with specialized care - http://www.cottonwoodanimalhospital.com/